About Me 😍

Hey , I’m Jesse 😍 . I’m a guy living in The U.S lol ( Aka. Revanjuas ) I live life thinking that I can’t trust many people with my life story because people don’t mind telling others business. I’m attracted to guys, and girls. I don’t really talk about it , though i am kind of open with it depending on my relationship with you 😒 . It something I realized five years ago . I have lived life tormented because of others first impressions of me based upon my personality and the way I carry myself 😌 . I’ve been having issues like this since 1st grade. Traveling from school, friend to friend, all because people used to talk about me as a child.

” People are put in your life for a season, but also for a reason. “

I have come to realize that words are syllables that form though human vocal cords. People attempt to use them for negative reasons, they can hurt. I simply don’t allow words to phase me because they have no purpose.

“When life throws you lemons make lemonade. No throw them away!”

I’m fifteen, and I still have life ahead of me. I know that I’m still young and i have a lot of learning to do. I’m just here to give tell my storie(s) and give advice behind them 🙂 .

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