Just late feelings :| .

Sometimes I have those times where I’m just laying in my bed thinking to myself, ‘what’s next.’ It could be pertaining to the next day and I wouldn’t even be able to give myself an answer because my mind has been thinking so much it started trying to figure out what its thinking about . I feel like sometimes I’m a doll and its strings attached. & I don’t like that feel . So , what I find myself doing.  Is pursuing something productive to ease my mind .

Sat. August 16, 2014

“Keep Your Friends Close & Their Enemies Closer”

My life is already harder than it looks, and I dislike it when people attempt to make life harder on my friend . I try my best to keep people happy especially if I love you with all of my heart. When someone interrupts that process that angers me 😒 . No matter how we feel about any subject; sexual orientation, race, or etc. Your comments are irrelevant. People have a place in the matter of speaking their comments. You must learn that you can’t argue opinions. Your opinion is not theirs, and their views might be different from yours .